Hold your breath! Yes, our North Canara district is known for waterfalls! There are more than about 20 falls big or small in the district. It is a paradise of falls!
  •  Jog falls (73km)
The world famous Jog falls is about 70 kms with good motorable road. The river ‘Sharavati’ falls down about 900 feet into a deep valley full of ever green forests. The place is known for the largest hydroelectric generating station.
  • Bennehole falls (25km)
One of the tributaries of Aghanashini river, the rivulet jumps 60feet down the rock. One has to track about a 1km to approach the falls.

Water falls

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  • Satodi falls (85km)
It’s known as ‘Nayagara’ of North Canara. Sathodi falls, is formed by Dabbesal, the tributary of river Kali. It is one of the loveliest falls.
  • Vibhuti falls  (22km)
Amidst dense ever green forests, the river Mabage cascades down a depth of 200mtrs creating a visual delight.
  • Unchalli falls (41 km)
Unchalli also known as Keppa  joga  in Kannada, is one of the lovliest falls of the district. The river Aghanashini cascades 116 mtrs down throw rocks and meanders through ever green forests.

 A peaceful paradise!

  • Magod falls (50km)
One can visit Magod falls throw out the year. The river Bedti  has created the 650mtrs falls.
  • Shivganga falls (30km)
The river Shalmala falls down in 2 stages and resembles as if it is descending from lord Shivas’s ‘Jhata’ the matted hair, and hence the name Shivaganga.
(Distance mentioned in the brackets is from the Homestay)
  • Muregar falls (10km)
One of the nearest falls from the home stay, Muregar is the tributary of Shalmala river which cascades throw rocks.
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