• Om beach (60km)
 Om beach (60km)Those who love seashore must visit this lovely beach just near well known pilgrim place, Gokarna. The beach is in the shape of an ‘Om’, The Hindu sacred symbol.
  • Sahasralinga (33km)
 You can see several ‘Linga’s carved on rocks through which river Shalmala meanders through leisurely. On either side of the river you can see lovely green forests. Devotees visit the place during ‘Shivaratri’ day.​
Places of interests 

Nature’s wonders​

  • Yana (18km)
Yana is one of the most wonderful natural rock formations every one must see. Two gigantic rock formations of about 120 feet high each jet out of the valley amidst deep ever green forests.​
(Distance mentioned in the brackets is from the Homestay)

 A peaceful paradise!

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  • Guduvi Birds Sanctuary (69km)
 Guduvi Birds Sanctuary (69km)Bird lovers can plan the trip to this lovely spot spread over about 80 hectares. You have plenty of paddy fields surrounding the place. Birds from far off places visit the place for breeding from June to November.
  • Apsarkonda (77km)
 It’s a little lovely picnic spot near the sea shore, about a kilometer away from Honnavar.