(Distance mentioned in the brackets is from the Homestay) 
Places of interests 

Historical Places

  • Banavasi (43km)
 Banavasi was the capital of imperial Kadambas, the first imperial dynasty of Karnataka. It is one of the ancient townships. The temple complex of Lord Madukeshwara is worth a visit.‚Äč

 A peaceful paradise!

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  • Mirjan fort (41km)
 This is one of the forts which is still in a good shape. It is on the coastal highway, just 10kms from the Kumta. The place can be approached from the homestay through a ghat road which passes through evergreen forests.
  • Keladi and Ikkeri (100km)
 These are two historical towns just couple of kms from town of Sagar. Keladi was the first capital of Nayakas of Keladi who came into prominence after the downfall of Vijaynagar Empire. Keladi rulers were known for their patronage for arts and literature. Temples at Ikkeri and Keladi and museum at Keladi are worth a visit.