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Nearby places

(Distance mentioned in the brackets is from the Homestay)

Water falls


  • Muregar falls (10km)

One of the nearest falls from the home stay, Muregar is the tributary of river which cascades throw rocks.


  • Vibhuti falls(22km)

Amidst dense ever green forests, the river cascades down a depth of 200mtrs creating a visual delight.


  • Bennehole falls (25km)

One of the tributaries of river, the rivulet jumps 60feet down the rock. One has to track about a 1km to approach the falls.


  • Unchalli falls (41 km)

Unchalli also known as in Kannada, is one of the lovliest falls of the district. The river cascades 116 mtrs down throw rocks and meanders through ever green forests.


  • Shivganga falls (30km)

The river falls down in 2 stages and resembles as if it is descending from lord the matted hair, and hence the name

  • Magod falls (50km)

One can visit falls throw out the year. The river has created the 650mtrs falls.


  • Satodi falls (85km)

It’s known as ‘Nayagara’ of North Canara. Sathodi falls, is formed by the tributary of river . It is one of the loveliest falls


  • Jog falls (73km)

The world famous Jog falls is about 70 kms with good motorable road. The river ‘ falls down about 900 feet into a deep valley full of ever green forests. The place is known for the largest hydroelectric generating station.


Hold your breath! Yes, our North Canara district is known for waterfalls! There are more than about 20 falls big or small in the district. It is a paradise of falls!


Nature’s wonders

  • Yana (18km)

Yana is one of the most wonderful natural rock formations every one must see. Two gigantic rock formations of about 120 feet high each jet out of the valley amidst deep ever green forests.


  • Sahasralinga (33km)

You can see several ‘ carved on rocks through which river meanders through leisurely. On either side of the river you can see lovely green forests. Devotees visit the place during ‘’ day.

  • Guduvi Birds Sanctuary (69km)

Bird lovers can plan the trip to this lovely spot spread over about 80 hectares. You have plenty of paddy fields surrounding the place. Birds from far off places visit the place for breeding from June to November.

  • Om beach (60km)

Those who love seashore must visit this lovely beach just near well known pilgrim place, Gokarna. The beach is in the shape of an ‘Om’, The Hindu sacred symbol.


  • Apsarkonda (77km)

It’s a little lovely picnic spot near the sea shore, about a kilometer away from Honnavar.


Places of pilgrimage


  • Shri Marikamba Temple (23km)

One of the Jagrata Peetas of Devi, Shri Marikamba, the temple is a place worth visiting. The wooden idol of Devi is very beautiful. The ornaments worn by Devi are excellent specimen of local craftsmanship. The very front structure of the temple is very imposing. The entire walls of the temple complex are covered with Kavikala.


  • Manjaguni temple (6km)

Known as Tirupati of Karnataka, the holy temple of Lord Venkatraman is worth a visit. The temple car () is a piece of art in wood.


  • Gokarna (60km)

The holy town of Gokarna is just 60kms away through a evergreen forest road. Gokarna is known not only for of (which is one of the ancient sites of Shiva worship), the town is known for Sanskrit and Vedic scholars. There are number of temples belonging to various sects and .


  • Sonda (23km)

Once the capital of kings, the is a small town of pilgrimage. math established by Shri Shankaracharya, math and math of panth, attract a large number of devotees.

  • Varadahalli (53km)

The small town is known for and holy . The place is surrounded by lush greenery and is refreshingly beautiful.


  • Sigandoor (120km)

The little holy place is known for the shrine of . The launch ride to the place is refreshing.


  • Murudeshwar (81km)

This seaside temple is on the national highway No.NH17. It is not only a temple town of pilgrimage, but also known for its beach sports. Viewing of sunset is an unforgettable experience.


  • Idagunji Temple (60km)

One of the ancient places of pilgrimage, Idagunji is known forMahaganapathi Temple. The idol of the Lord is in standing posture, a unique piece of iconography.


  • Tibetian Colony (73km)

Mundgod, The Mini Tibet of India is called Doeguling Tibetan Settlement. Dharamshala could be the little Lhasa in India but Mundgod is the mini Tibet in Exile, although place does not have the head quarters of His Highness, the Honorable Dalai Lama



Historical places


  • Banavasi (43km)

Banavasi was the capital of imperial Kadambas, the first imperial dynasty of Karnataka. It is one of the ancient townships. The temple complex of Lord Madukeshwara is worth a visit.

  • Keladi and Ikkeri (100km)

These are two historical towns just couple of kms from town of Sagar. Keladi was the first capital of Nayakas of Keladi who came into prominence after the downfall of Vijaynagar Empire. Keladi rulers were known for their patronage for arts and literature. Temples at Ikkeri and Keladi and museum at Keladi are worth a visit.


  • Mirjan fort (41km)

This is one of the forts which is still in a good shape. It is on the coastal highway, just 10kms from the Kumta. The place can be approached from the homestay through a ghat road which passes through evergreen forests.

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